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Girl Gone Wylde

...with apologies to Oscar. Or maybe not.

I'm a novelist with some published science fiction and fantasy novels put out (years ago, now) by a major U.S. genre publishing house. I've written (and edited) games in the rpg industry for major houses since 1986, published rpg stuff under my own imprint since 2004. Am coming out of an extended hiatus from writing during which I have managed to make myself constitutionally incapable of doing "regular work". So now it's crunch time: be a successful novelist, or die trying. Right now I'm doing a writer's retreat, am FREAKING OUT about my art, my craft, my writing, my career, my LIFE, and getting everything back on track so I can live the ~successful~ creative life I want to. (See my intro post here for a somewhat expanded grokking of what I'm about: http://wylde-writer.livejournal.com/646.html.)

So, where better to share that stuff than here. Maybe there are some like-minded others around here who will Get It, what I'm on about. It would be nice to connect with such folks. Or at least, not to be freaking out totally solo in the privacy of my room and personal journal. Or out in the goat pasture.

That seems to upset the goats.


Re the Meyers-Briggs part of this nifty personality profile (thanks to wyrmwwd for the link): All my life I have tested as an INFJ. About five years ago (at the same time I started changing my career and life direction), I noticed that once in a while I'd test as an INFP instead. Nowadays - as I have decided to live more fully in my art and as a writer - I see that I test out as INFP most of the time. Kinda weird,huh? The Amazing Morphing Wylde:

Click to view my Personality Profile page


I don't always live this way, but this is often how I think. (Various versions of this are appearing around the web; the following is quoted from the original source.)

Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving Safely in an attractive and well-preserved body, but rather to skid in Sideways, chocolate in one hand, wine in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and screaming "HOO HAAH what a RIDE!"

- Todd Williams, late brother of Robin, co-founder and owner of Toad Hollow Winery, Healdsburg, California